Sinoinvoicing.com assists companies without a local presence in China to export to Chinese companies or sell their products locally, and receiving payments in Chinese Yuans (RMB).

The main issue found by exporters when selling to Chinese companies is the complexity their Chinese clients face to make international payments. By using us as your agent in mainland China, you can resolve this issue and grow your business as a local company, without the costs and requirements for local incorporation.

Our services include:
-General import agency services
-RMB Invoicing and Re-Invoicing
-Commission agency
-Logistics and consignment handling (trough Oriental Freight)

Basically, you export your goods to our trading company in Shenzhen which then resells to your end client in China. Your client therefore does not need to get involved in any import operation as they are purchasing from a local company. After receiving the payment, we then forward the payment to you either locally in China (RMB) or to your company account overseas (USD or other foreign currency).